Chartreuse godet – OOTD




Two posts on the same week?!? IKR ,haha ! Since I’m on this short vacation,I have time for such things as sewing. Yesterday, browsing on youtube I found this great video from 2qhan showing how to make a skater skirt with godets . It seemed so easy ,I attempted making it and I must say,it turned out better then expected :D 

PicMonkey Collagegfddgf

I HAD to wear it today ,also I’m going out tonight and I think we all know I will be wearing it even tho it’s ass freezing cold outside. (knee high snow)

skirt – DIY

scarf – also DIY

denim jacket – thrifted

belt – New Look

heels – Top Shop (although they’re not quite visible)

PicMonkey Collagebgsgd

Here, a close up. It’s this chartreuse damasc material with subtle pattern. I’m sorry it doesn’t quite show on the picture. Also I realized i should have ironed it before taking a picture. Oh well, we live,we learn.

If you’re interested, here is the video :

xoxo, Fru

Confessions of a Fashion student & OOTD


, ,

Hello again!

I’m not even gonna try to explain why i was MIA this long ,because i feel like that’s all i do on this blog. FINALLY my first semester exams are over so i can finally take long baths and you know , SLEEP (what is this sleep you’re talking about?) Never thought finishing university is this hard , my dissertation is half way done (you know, except the 90 page scientific paper i actually still have to write). I was so exited to write about this but it had to be kept out of the public eye till’ yesterday.


ootd- you know,cause i haven’t done one of these in ages

boots- black docs

leather leggings – NewYorker

vintage silk blouse- thrifted

baggy cardigan- thrifted

belt- New Look

(for those wondering)camera- Olympus e-420


here, in case you missed me :))

So yesterday, after my last exam, we had to go and actually ‘build’ our exhibition , this means painstaking work till the break of dawn ,but it is always a lot of fun ! These pesky art students are all Macgyver-y in extreme situations, haha. Anyway, here are some pictures of the yet-to-be open to the public exhibition:


Hung sketchbooks (the first one from the left is mine)


collections and pictures from the photo shootings


My dissertation collection – Circus Noir- that is still in progress


We are some productive bastards :)) aren’t we?


And one of us trying to finish our work in the last 10 seconds ,because that’s how we roll! 

xoxo ,Fru

OOTD-Missing in action


Hello bloggerinos!

Long time no speak :D sorry about that , university started (plus it’s my final year so i have to write my dissertation – ugh,don’t even remind me) Anywho , today , first sunny day in a while, we went for a walk. Here are some pictures:

I have this thing lately, i hate looking into the camera , lame,i know.

burn sienna jeans- New Look

black tanktop- Debenhams

animalprint cardigan- New Yorker

beanie- DIY

boots- Doc Martins

dog- Not for sale :P

In case you missed me, here, my face :)) tired and slightly sick ,but hey ,it’s mine,right?

And the piece de resistance , le new Doc Martins ,i’m so inlove with them it’s not even funny !

P.S. song of the day, enjoy <3

xoxo, Fru

OOTD-You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

Hello bloggerinos!

Long time,no speak? I’m sorry for that ,just work and my social life slowly starting to exist again i didn’t have time to write (or take pictures in fact ) Today although i thought i’ll take and outfit of the day picture and show you my oh so fabulous self,  NOT

(fancy collage , i know)

knit dress-Tom Tailor

blazer-New Look

oxford loafers and belt -can’t remember

oxford bag-gift from my mommy

sun glasses-Meli Melo


And yes , i even took a pic of my earrings – also Meli Melo 

(you haven’t seen my tunnel yet,for those interested it’s at 5 mm/4 ga but i want to go bigger,and as a matter of fact  you haven’t seen my tattoo either,lol)

P.S. Hope you have a nice Sunday afternoon !

xoxo, Fru

OOTD- Sunday GetAway



Hello bloggerinos!

Un-like other times, i’ll start with the outfit – then the ramble.

 black low-back tee – New Look

blue shorts-New Look


bag-Oxford Bag


So last Sunday ,Tomy took us out in the woods for a picnic again (yaaaay) and it was F-U-N .

(here’s a picture of us munching on yummy cupcakes :D – Tomy actually requested that i don’t put his face on the blog  , hence the heart , but anyway it’s for your own good,so you don’t all fall in-love with him HAHA )

Yes , we are messy picnicers ,but i promise we did clean up after ourselves . We had a photo session , Tomy was my paparazzi ,i mean after all i do have to get used to it for when i become famous LMAO =))

Here’s a pic of my baby being photogenic and awesome and a Diva that she always  is <3

P.S. Here’s the photo of the day ,lol  – Tomys sexy back side – rocking his bb gun (we  had so much fun shooting things and OMG he actually decapitated a bee …. the pictures of it are too grose for my blog but seriously…. he shot a bee , midflight …wtf? Gun genius ! )

xoxo Fru

Saturday morning,gif making and GoT


, ,

Good morning bloggerinos!

This morning babe , Zara and myself are still in bed watching Game of Thrones (only the most amazing TV how ever, pssshh ….) What else are we doing? well i don’t know, the usual ”let’s take embarrassing photos of Fru” =)) because my face on Saturday morning is so attractive , right?

r6x2Wg on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Also ,my soul sister also named Romy suggested the tv show,and i must say i am TOTALLY obsessed with it ! Brace yourselves , new obsession is forming HAHA!
P.S. And a little Thrift Shop Hip Hop for the weekend =)))

OOTD (and ramble)- When one door is closed, don’t you know, another is open.



Heeeey bloggerinos!

Remember how i was telling y’all how the quality of my day reflects the quality of my outfit that day?  Hey ,i don’t wanna brag,but i had a pretty awesome day LOL 

outfit featuring Le Door – yayus =))

leather jacket – Zara

flower print top – New Yorker

jeans – H&M

purple pumps (yes the 5 inch kind :> ) – New Look

earrings (you can not see them but whatever -.-) – Swarovski

So the day started off with my laptop dying – i went through the obvious fazes: NOOO->CRY-> Call Tomy and complain about it :)) yeah,cause i’m normal like that. He ,as the awesome person he is reminded me that i have the phone number of the service (laptop hospital as i call it) I did call the guy ,and he assured me that my beloved possession can probably be fixed – (could it be that i spilled a cup of Coke on the keyboard yesterday when i was skyping with the amazing Romy – could it? NAAAAWH ) So i did what every girl would do : take a quick bath,wash my hair – blow dry it/style it (duuuh) ,do my makeup then stare at the closet for 15 minutes and bitch about how i don’t have anything to wear. After i was ready i got my killer 5 inch purple heels on and called a cab . That cab driver turned out to be the dad of  an old friend – insert awkward here – . He took me to the laptop service , this is where my luck began to change for the day . After checking me out the guy told me that it will cost only my phone number – smooth flirting right? Whatever, my laptop was worth it. Then i went to work ,only to receive a call two hours later that my laptop was up an running and i can pick it up whenever i’d like. AMAZEBALLS – excuse me for the ramble , i just had to put it out there . Is it wrong i felt like i looked totally hot today? Maybe the secret’s in the shoes !

P.S. My co-workers told me i’m the most stylish ‘flower girl’ in southwest europe =)) now i want to meet my omologue from the east !

xoxo Fru

MIA – update



Hello bloggerinos!

I’ve been MIA (missing in action) last week … i love my job but sometimes it exceeds me :( i’m so tired when i get home i don’t have enough energy to write a post . Anyway , it’s sale season and i’ve done A LOT of shopping , what about a HAUL?

(in case you missed my face =)) )

Sunday’s lunch – WORST sushi EVER MADE! LOL – bleaaaa

It looked  good but tasted like dust =))

P.S. So , would you be interested in a summer end HAUL? Leave your opinion in a comment !

OOTD – Edda concert look



Hello bloggerinos! 

Deci săptămâna asta a avut loc festivalul Zilele Maghiare ale Clujului , bineînțeles au fost multe programe in tot orașul (la care nu am participat din cauză că am lucrat) dar totuși am fost la concertul Edda (kudos celor care știu de existența trupei Edda Muvek) Ahh amintiri din tinereți (lol – da pentru că sunt atââââât de bătrână =)) )

So this week has been a festival in my city called Kolozsvari Magyar Napok (Hungarian Days of Kolozsvar) so of course there have been lots of things to do in the city (which i didn’t attend because i had to work ) although i did go to a concert (kudos to those who actually know about Edda Muvek) Ahh brings back memories of  my teens (lol – yeah because i’m soooo old now =))  ) 

În fine, outfitul meu a fost :

Anyway , the outfit i wore is this :

rochie/dress – H&M

geacă/jacker – thrifted

geanta/bag – thrifted

colați/leggings – New Look

teniși/shoes – Converse

P.S. Am filmat câte ceva  la concert :( doar că nu reușesc să le uploadez pe blog …. FAIL

P.S. I did take lots of videos :( i just can’t figure out how to  embed them in a blog post …. FAIL 


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